Response Action Plan Approval

Great News! Warmington has received preliminary approval of the Response Action Plan for the cleanup work at 277 Fairchild Drive in Mountain View, CA. The Response Action Plan describes the methods and procedures for Soil Vapor Extraction and treatment and the Groundwater injections intended to target and reduce the high trichloroethene (TCE) levels in the soil vapor and shallow groundwater beneath the property. A copy of the Response Action Plan can be viewed here.

The response action work is currently planned to begin around the second week of September 2017 and will continue for approximately six months. Periodic updates will be posted. Based on the results of the response actions, we are hoping to begin construction in the spring/summer of 2018.

Site Grading

Warmington will begin clearing and grading the site at 277 Fairchild the week of April 17, 2017. The exact start date will depend on the weather. This portion of the work should last about two weeks. The work will include shaping the site to accommodate the future roads and buildings and compaction of the soil to handle the future structures. The process will involve some large earthmoving and compacting machinery.

Once the grading is completed, we are planning to conduct additional testing and cleanup work. We will provide a schedule update and post the work plan when approved by EPA.

Preparing To Build

Demolition of the existing structures at 277 Fairchild, 228 and 236 Evandale was completed on 9-13-16. The subsurface excavations we observed by an Archeologist. No artifacts were unearthed during the work. Air samples were also collected during the subsurface work. The test results are posted on this site under “Daily Field Reports”. There will be little or no activity on the site until we receive our remaining project approvals from the City of Mountain View.

New look for the Old Moffett Motel site

We are excited to see progress at our new community. The Mountain View Fire Department has been conducting training exercises at the site. We are happy to provide them access to the existing buildings for use in non-fire exercises such as building entry and breaching of walls and roof areas.

Demolition of the existing buildings will begin August 29, 2016 and will last about two weeks. Once the demolition is complete and the site is cleared there will not be any activity on the site until we receive the remaining City approvals. We are hoping to receive these approvals in October 2016.