Preparations for the response action activities at the 277 Fairchild Drive property began on Monday, September 11, 2017 with the installation of several groundwater monitoring wells which will allow the sampling of groundwater for the purpose of assessing the baseline conditions and the effectiveness and results of the response action activities.

The in-situ enhanced bioremediation technology (bioaugmentation) is being used to accelerate the degradation of trichloroethene (TCE) and other contaminants of potential concern in the groundwater. Cultured microorganisms, nutrients, and substrate will be injected into the groundwater to reductively dechlorinate and reduce TCE levels in the groundwater. The compounds used to break down the TCE are used up during the process and do not remain in the groundwater aquifer after the process is complete.

Beginning on Monday, September 18, the injection process will occur at 42 locations over a 2-week period at depths to 32 feet below ground of surface.

Once the groundwater injections are complete, the Soil Vapor Extraction and Treatment  process to remove and reduce TCE vapors in the soil will begin in October 2017 and this process is estimated to last a minimum of six months.